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If your actually seeing this post without scrolling all that far or changing pages. Welcome and thank you so much for coming
If you did have to do one of those things. Thank you for taking the time and hope you liked what you saw on your way here.

Here is the pre-written explanation of who we are if you didn’t already look in the “About” tab:        

Existence Digital is a film and multi-media group founded by gamers and video editors Charles and Nathan, known by aliases: “Midnight” and “SupaStar” respectively, Nathan being the more experienced of the two. The name was a concept by Charles based off two ideas. The First being that in the special effects industry anything can be created and seen without ever physically existing, yet existing seamlessly in a virtual or digital space. The second idea being that the group is home to artists across any type of media that can be shared and displayed digitally across the internet, including audio, video, still images and written publications.

In time we hope to provide you with top notch media and entertainment of varying types and genres by the contributors of Existence Digital as well as maybe a few 3rd party favorites from me. For now, you get this lousy blog. Sorry and hope you stick around anyway.

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